Epic Sum Up 3.11

Epic Sum Up 3.11 is out now. You can download it here

If you want to watch a quick summary, you can follow this link

But now let’s start with the most important thing first: 

The new entry point to our Detail View Editor

The new entry point can be found in the upper right corner of Kanban and SCRUM boards. From here you can open up the Detail View Editor showing all issues visible on your board including the Epics included in the sprint. 

Before we dive into the use cases here let me show you the unique functionality to this Detail View Editor.

In the upper left you have two select options. With the first one you have the option to switch to other boards besides the one you’re viewing. And with the second one you can choose between a range of standard filters like Open Issues, Done Issues etc. 

We’ve introduced this to help you filter the issues so you only see and work with the issues relevant to you. 

Because we always use the newest version on our productive system, here are some cases we’ve used this for: 

  1. individual replanning of issues for our individual KanBan-Boards 
  2. prioritization of issues in a sprint 
  3. structuring issues in sprints if some issues weren’t in a epic or container yet 
  4. Bulk editing of issues in context of an Agile Board

In addition to improving your editing experience here we’ve sped up editing and added a loading animation with a cancel option as well. This helps you see the exact progress which helps when editing a large number of issues.

When you’ve tried it yourself we’re always open to hearing some feedback

And that’s it for the main improvements of this release. Additionally we’ve also made some other improvements and smaller bug fixes to give you the smoothest experience possible. 

One quick and small feature we’ve also added is the possibility to show the progress in percent under the progress bars. Which will be even more improved in our next release. 

If you want to know more about the next major release you can have a look at our roadmap

Otherwise you can check out the full details of the 3.11 in our release notes or directly go to the Marketplace and install the new version.

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