Product Roadmap

Epic Sum Up is a tool that helps you to organize, edit and report your work items in a fast and intuitive way.

Most projects are shorter term. We reduce overhead for projects. This helps with many lean ways of working, whether Scrum or Kanban projects.

We publish our roadmap in order to share our future direction with customers and potential customers. Also, to get feedback during development for feature requests and to ensure we launch quality updates.

roadmap esu image 2

Upcoming Major Versions

Epic Sum Up 4.0

4.0 will combine all versions of Epic Sum Up. All under one version label to make it easier for customers. New features for Summary Panel and Detail View Editor will be made available. App Usage and Onboarding will be improved.

This will be a major release for Epic Sum up. It will focus on the principles of lean management, in particular project management.

Long term roadmap

Epic Sum Up will add more and more features that help you to work with Jira in a lean and intuitive way. While staying close to how Atlassian updates Jira, we also keep Epic Sum Up open for more integrations.

Epic Sum Up has changed the way we work with Jira at APTIS, the creators of Epic Sum Up. We use our own experiences (dogfooding) to ensure that we stay on a path to help customers solve real world problems in Jira with less complexity and an eye to lean principles.