Helping you reclaim time

We at APTIS believe your time is important — we strive to help teams of all sizes cut unproductive work, simplifying project management.
Our mission is to empower teams to drive the future of work — constantly.
Andreas Haaken

The team that’s got your back

Ambitious vision 

As an independent company, we’re committed to building simple-to-use versatile tools covering the most common use cases.

Great support
We know Jira inside out and understand project management. And above all, we take pride in providing outstanding customer service.
Proven track record
Our apps are all developed and supported in Germany by a team with over ten years of experience helping clients with Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

How we made Epic Sum Up 

Epic Sum Up started as a side project. We were facing some of our own challenges with Jira. Doing what developers do best — we built ourselves a solution!
Our problem was the missing summaries for epics. Our projects were too small to set up a separate Jira project for each, and epics (in what was then GrassHopper) didn’t come with summaries.
We developed custom summaries to add to our epics. Some of our clients saw that and wanted the same. And that’s how Epic Sum Up was first released in 2015.
Since then, we — and our clients and partners — have seen many more opportunities to save time in Jira, so we added some really awesome features. As our user base grew, Epic Sum Up became a top-selling Jira app.
Today, Epic Sum Up does so much more than summing up your epics; it’s growing into a full-suite project management Jira app. One thing will never change, though — it will always remain simple to use. You can’t make your life easier by adding more complexity.

We create time-saving solutions for teams of all sizes who use Jira and Confluence.

Latest news posts

Sonia Mina, the software engineering manager at Adacel, shares how Epic Sum Up solved their reporting challenges.
When we describe Epic Sum Up, we will often mention that it helps project managers who use Jira find the information they need quickly. We wanted that same principle – finding information simply and quickly – to be fully reflected in our user documentation as well.

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