Accounting of Support Tickets with Doge coins

Accounting of Support Tickets is not always an easy thing to do, especially when billed hourly. Customers want fixed contingents and to be notified if that contingent is going over the agreed hours. And more and more people have discovered Doge coins that they like to give as tips for great support. In this blog post, we’re going to be covering how we create an overview of support tickets and spent dodge coins using Epic Sum Up

At APTIS, we’ve had customers with fixed contingents since day one. And when the customer base grew, we needed something to collect the tickets belonging to one contingent together and make it easier to see how much support hours the customer had already used. Because if we wanted to know if we’re still on budget, we had to search for all the tickets and add the hours together. 

Then we started developing Epic Sum Up and noticed that it was great for this use case too. So we started using containers (on Jira Server) as contingents with all tickets stored inside. As we were working on Jira Server, we decided to use the containers of Epic Sum Up but any other top level issue type like Epics or Initiatives work as well. This container gets assigned the in contact agreed upon hours as a budget

The result is an Epic Sum Up progress bar that shows live, how much time in that contingent is already used and how much is left. 

For a quick overview of all contingents in one view, we’ve added the Epic Sum Up dashboard gadget that can display any field like our newest addition: a progress bar of doge coins. For this we’ve teamed Epic Sum Up with the new app of our awesome partner polymetis: Dogecoin for Jira Service Management. With their new app, customers can now give tips for great support directly in Jira Service Management. Everything you need to know about this cool new app can be found on this page.

The new progress bar of Epic Sum Up shows a summary of how many tips were already given in this contingent and if you click on it you can see how much dogecoins were given per ticket. We have added this progress bar to the dashboard gadget above as well. 

This new progress bar is part of Epic Sum Up 3.10. To activate the integration a special key is needed that we’re happy to provide you with.

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