Epic Sum Up 3.6 Preview

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Some nice enhancements coming with Epic Sum Up for Server and Data Center for the 3.6 release. Here are the main ones:

  • API
  • Support for Structure Hierarchies
  • Support for Portfolio Integration

API for Scripting Functions

We are building an API. It will allow you to use Script Runner or any other scripting program to write scripting functions. Another way to make is easier to do more with Epic Sum Up.

Is there anything you want to see us build? Email us.

Integration with Structure from ALM Works

Good news if you use the plugin Structure.

“We are integrating the same structure as use with the Structure app. It allows you to build structures inside of Jira and adds the option to use a defined structure as hierarchy provider for your summary panel and progress bars.”

By doing this Epic Sum Up customers can get value when using both plugins without the need to configure your issue hierarchy twice.

You may then use the Epic Sum Up progress bars and detail view based on what Structure has defined. And you can use Epic Sum up hierarchies (Epic-Links, Container-Links and Parent-Links) as base for a Structure synchronizer.

Integration with Portfolio

Use progress bars, drilldowns, custom fields and detail views based on initiatives by Portfolio. The best part is that you can keep using them the way you do right now.

Atlassian added the parent link to the Portfolio plugin. Epic Sum Up now supports this parent link. Epic Sum Up uses epic links and container links to define the hierarchy of issues.


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