Customer Stories

Use cases from companies using Epic Sum Up for Jira

origo 3 people


Client: Origo

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Problem: An easier way to get a real-time overview of everything in an epic without having to go into reports.



Audiokinetic hero

Consulting Reports Made Easy

Client: Audiokinetic

Location: Montreal, Canada

Problem: Audiokinetic must closely monitor consulting projects as they get close to the number of hours agreed upon in a contract. This required time-consuming data extraction.

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Lightweight Project Management

Client: APTIS

Location: Goch, Germany

Problem: APTIS needed a better way to work with smaller projects.

How to create projects with tasks from different projects and not just work with issues.


Streamlining Invoices

Client: APTIS

Location: Goch, Germany

Problem: How to save time and reduce errors on accounting tasks that repeat.

Accounting has tasks that repeat each month. They would restart the process each month.

Manage projects better in Jira