Why Epic Sum Up Is Ideal for Jira Beginners

Epic Sum Up is a Jira application built to help Project Managers and team members for businesses of all sizes to better visualise the projects they manage. Epic Sum Up (ESU) uses progress bars, colour coding, and principles of Agile project management to transform Jira project overviews into easily accessible and informative visualisations of live data and status reports.

For people who are new to Jira and looking for a simple project management integration tool that’s easy to set up and easy-to use, Epic Sum Up is the ideal tool to use with Jira.

Indeed,  project management in Jira can sometimes be a complex process, and the more variables there are, the more we need tools like ESU to make it easier for Jira beginners and pros alike.

One thing is for sure though, Epic Sum Up makes it all, much easier. In this article, we’ll explain why Epic Sum Up is ideal for Jira beginners.

The Importance of Good Visibility

While Jira is one of the most robust project management tools on the market, its depth and complexity can cause visibility problems. However, Project Managers who use ESU with Jira have the ultimate overview of what’s going on with epics, large projects, and complex issues.

Excellent visibility and easy access to live reports leads to better decision-making which is why Epic Sum Up provides so much value to Jira. We offer the ability to better visualise, audit, control, and report on your projects, in just one click.

What is Epic Sum Up?

Innovation almost always comes out of necessity. As we at APTIS struggled at times to get the most out of Jira, ultimately we opted for a solution-driven approach and built the Epic Sum Up app with the goal of helping you work smarter in Lean Project Management in Jira.

ESU is a tool that helps you organize, edit and report your work items quickly and intuitively – making it perfect for Jira beginners. Useful progress bars (data visualisations) on your custom dashboard act as mini real-time reports that make managing your work faster and more accurate.

Project Managers are multi-taskers by design – often handling as many as 70 projects (or more) at once.  To make quick and informed management decisions, Project Managers require a status overview at a one-click glance of recent completions, concurrent work, and outcomes against time and budget. Even the best Project Managers in the most organised companies can benefit from greater visibility to data, and the powerful dashboard that ESU provides.

Top 5 Reasons Why Epic Sum Up is Ideal for Jira Beginners

What metrics or aggregates are you constantly checking?

And which signs of progress (or unproductivity) are you looking for when you’re diving into an issue?

As a Project Manager, you need the data you check and use regularly to be quickly and easily accessible. With an easy-to-use tool like Epic Sum Up on your side, every issue in Jira becomes exponentially easier to navigate.

Epic Sum Up is THE go-to tool for lean project management in Jira, it provides:

  1. Easy setup and ease of use
  2. Real-time reporting
  3. Ultra-fast editing
  4. Better organizing
  5. Custom Configuration

1. Easy Setup and Ease of Use

With the installation of our app, set up and configuration are essentially automatic. This helps Jira beginners get a quick start in Jira project management. The virtually endless powerful customisation options are also easy to set up, as users can choose which metrics or fields to visualise where, how, and why.

2. Real-Time Reporting

Live reports that provide an instantaneous overview are powerful. But they are not available with Jira out of the box, which is why you need the ESU app to benefit from this feature. As a Jira beginner, this will give you the level-up you need to understand Jira faster.

Here are just a few examples of what users can see in a flash with ESU:

  • See what’s still in progress, completed, or not moving forward.
  • Get a live and clear overview of multiple projects at once.
  • View comments and attachments without navigating to each individual issue.
  • See a birds-eye view of time estimates, logs, and time remaining and apply that view to any issue.
  •  Filter issues by status, assignee, or any other measure that will be useful for you.

3. Ultra-Fast and Easy Bulk Editing

Epic Sum Up provides the fastest bulk editing capability in the market. With just one click on any ESU progress bar, you can bulk-edit all the summarised issues you want at once. With a familiar excel-like format for editing, it’s easy and fast.

 Benefits of ESU Bulk Editing tool:

  • Fast entry point
  • Bulk edit as many as 10,000 issues at once
  • Quickly close out finished projects

4. Better Organizing

Go beyond filters to uplevel your project organisation by harnessing the power of simple-to-use visualisations through our many convenient and time-saving entry points and progress bars.

  • Create flexible and expandable structures
  • Supports built-in Jira hierarchies

5. Custom Configuration

One of the main challenges that Project Managers face is the ability to navigate all the projects they oversee at once. The ability to create custom configuration by using Epic Sum Up with Jira is a real game-changer for PMs.

You now have the power to customise your Dashboard, and…..

  • Summary Panel
  • Visualisation configuration for any issue type
  •  Progress Bars with Detail View
  •  Customisable Fields for Greater Control

Key Takeaways

Epic Sum Up is a great support tool for Project Managers and team members using Jira because it was designed and developed with Jira project frustrations in mind. The ESU app solves these problems and makes it easier and faster for users.

The customisation and flexibility are what makes ESU particularly unique, as this application doesn’t require Project Managers to modify their process to make it work. Epic Sum Up works for you, not the other way around.

Thanks for reading! Please connect with us on LinkedIn if you would like to have a chat about how best to use Epic Sum Up with Jira. Give it a try today and download from the Atlassian Marketplace

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