Lean Project Management
for Jira Teams

Simplify live reporting, easier editing, better organizing of issues – the tool for Lean Project Management in Jira

Real-time reporting

A clear overview of multiple projects.

See what’s inside epics, containers, subtasks and stories on one screen. Use progress bars on the Dashboard or in the Summary Panel to get an instant overview.

Quick editing of many issues at once

One click on any progress bar and then edit all summarized issues. Excel like editing makes it fast and easy.

  • Copy and paste one or more values at once
  • Edit multiple issues at once, avoid complicated bulk functions

Better organizing

Group together work. Go beyond filters to better organize by harnessing the power of containers and epics.

  • Create flexible and expandable structures
  • Supports built-in Jira hierarchies

In this video we want to give you a general overview of what Epic Sum Up can help you with. 


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