Epic Sum Up 4.3

A new Epic Sum Up version is out now. This release was all about adding new functionalities to our Detail View Editor. 

Before we dive into some cool new features of it, we quickly want to highlight the new counters we’ve added. 

The two new counters are linked issues and flags. You can add them to the Summary Panel individually or to a counter group of your choice. 

If you click on the flag or linked issues counter, a Detail View Editor will open up, displaying the columns: issue, status and the related column to the counter. 

Now let’s dive into some new Detail View Editor features. 

New columns
Related to the new counters, we’ve added the new columns flagged and linked issues. 

Updated column chooser
Talking about columns, we have also improved the column chooser. Now you can see the field types as icons next to the field names. And it’s now possible to search not only by field name but also by field type like number or date field. 

Facts row
One new feature we’ve been constantly using is the facts row. It’s a new row at the bottom, just above the export and close button. This row shows you a live summary of all the values of the fields you have selected at that moment. 

Editing of status
Another thing we added is the possibility to edit your status directly in the Detail View Editor. Just double click on it and choose the transition you want to execute. 

Printing export option
We also added a printing export option, as requested per our feature request portal. Now you can print your entire view and bring it to meetings with you. 

To learn more about the new features and bug fixes, check out our release notes for Cloud and Data Center.

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