Epic Sum Up 3.7

A major release. Epic Sum Up 3.7 is now live.

A new API joins the toolkit along with major improvements to Containers and a few other little things to help you work even smarter in Jira.


Access the summed up values from scripting tools like ScriptRunner and Power Scripts.

Integration with Everit’s Timetracker

If you use the Timetracker app by Everit you will see a new shortcut. The new button in the Detail View shows automatically, when clicked it opens your Everit Timetracker timesheet containing all issues that are visible in your detail view.

Use Tempo Timesheets? We already have it integrated, look for the button in the same place.

Container Improvements

Now see more information at a glance. The issues in Container list can now be expanded by custom fields. This allows you to add custom columns in the container panel. Examples include due date or story points.

Work Faster with Better Lists

Issues in Epic and Issues in Parent list can be exchanged to an Issues in Container list. This gives you a better list, even for containers. All native to Jira, just like Epics and Parents.

Choose whether to use an Issues in Epic list or an Issues in Container list to view more information for an Epic. You choose which list panel to use – the original one (for Epics and Parents) or our new one for every Container including Epics and Parents.

The Issues in parent list can be exchanged to be an Issues in Container list. It is added by Advanced Roadmaps.

Our list allows you to:

  • Improve overview by adding more columns
  • Collapse and expand structures 
  • Add issues to containers down the hierarchy

Additional Updates

  • Epic Sum Up timesheet has new tooltips for the trash bin and apply button
  • Show a preview before printing an Epic Sum Up timesheet
  • The Scheduler‘ app can now render the Container Issue Link custom field
  • Container in Container enabled by default (no longer a lab feature)
  • Removed no data available message in the Summary Panel

For a few more details visit the 3.7 release documentation page.

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