Integrate Email Communication with Your Jira Project

Successful lean project management consists of lots of different components moving smoothly at the same time. Not only do you need a continuous live report of what’s going on, it’s equally essential to prioritize communication between teams and groups working on each item.

How We Use Epic Sum Up for the Development of Epic Sum Up

In the process of creating Epic Sum Up, we wear the hats of product developers and project managers at the same time. And by using Epic Sum Up as a tool for the development of Epic Sum Up, we can apply the principles of Agile project management directly to the software’s development and release.

Why Epic Sum Up Is Ideal for Jira Beginners

For people who are new to Jira and looking for a simple project management integration tool that’s easy to set up and easy-to use, Epic Sum Up is the ideal tool to use with Jira.

Real-life Use Cases for Mass Editing in Jira

When you’ve got a lot of projects going on at the same time, you want to save as much time as you can on admin things. That’s why it’s vital to have solutions in place that allow the teams to eliminate repetitive tasks from their day and be more productive.

The fastest Jira Bulk Editor App on The Marketplace?

Speed, agility, and seamlessness are among the pillars of modern-day project and workflow management for Jira users. To consistently deliver value to Jira users and drive productivity across teams, you need tools with capabilities that can help you work quickly, easily, and flexibly.

Building a Lean Project Roadmap in Jira

As a project manager, you must be able to quickly see, understand, and review a project’s roadmap and timeline, at a high level. A lean, legible project roadmap is a key visual tool for timelining the project and keeping things on track.

Identifying Problems Throughout and After the project

Jira users can manage multiple projects simultaneously, both simple and complex. Epic Sum Up (ESU) power-up is a new and powerful Data Visualisation tool that works with Jira to give you a quick visual overview and status of each Project Issue.

Why is Jira Project Cost Tracking Important?

In 2020, only 43% of organisations completed projects within a set budget. That shows how important it is to keep an eye on your project costs and expenses. Tracking project costs with Jira can help mitigate the risk of going over the budget. Thanks to its visual tools that have proven effective for collaboration, the whole project team can see the tracked costs via the progress bar.

Visualise Your Project Easily with These 5 Atlassian Power-Ups

Jira is already one of the most powerful ticketing and issue management software options available on the market. The Atlassian ecosystem is popular for many Project Managers and teams because Jira and the other Atlassian applications are multi-functional and feature-robust.

Three Reasons Why Visualisation is Essential in Project Management

Project management isn’t a new concept. As long as there have been tasks to handle and groups of people to organise for those tasks, projects have been managed. In the past and with less advanced technology, drawings, charts, and maps have still always helped us organise information and communicate it in a mutually useful way. […]

Unboxing Epic Sum Up: Easy Epics Management and more

Epic Sum Up is a Jira application designed to help Project Managers in DevOps and across the digital landscape better visualise the projects they manage. Epic Sum Up uses progress bars, color coding, and principles of Agile project management to transform an overloaded instance of Jira into a highly visual instant dashboard.  Project Managers using […]