Atlassian has recognized APTIS with a prestigious designation

gold partner Epic Sum Up

Only about 50 companies with apps on the Atlassian Marketplace have attained one of the two highest badges. APTIS is one of them as a Gold Marketplace Partner.

What is a Gold Marketplace Partner?

It is a recognition by Atlassian of our commitment to excellence – support, security and sales.

What does Gold Marketplace Partner mean for me?

You are dependent on Jira and Atlasssian wants you to make informed decisions on apps. By relying on a Gold Marketplace Partner for your business processes you are choosing to work with an app with a high level of security and a proven tract record.

We care about security, how does working with a Gold Marketplace Partner help secure our Jira?

The Marketplace has a security program and participation is mandatory to be a Marketplace Partner. Through this program, apps are controlled and receive a security badge. This ensures that apps do what they promise and do not contain any malicious code.

Epic Sum Up has a Cloud Security Participant badge. This badge identifies that Epic Sum Up has undergone additional security measures and is enrolled in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program. This program allows partners to crowdsource vulnerability discoveries through a pool of security researchers.

“I created Epic Sum Up in 2015 to solve a problem we had managing our projects in Jira. I’m proud that in 2020 Atlassian has recognized our team by making us a Gold Marketplace Partner.”

Andreas Haaken, CEO, APTIS

Why should we purchases apps to enhance our Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace?

There are over 2,000 apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. They solve big and small problems and allow you to build a program management workflow in Jira custom to your business. No need to reply on a generic one size fits all solution.

Companies have spend over $1 billion on the Atlassian Marketplace because the apps help solve important business needs.

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