See what’s inside epics, containers and subtasks at a glance

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Visualize project management in Jira

See time tracking, completed issues, story points, time budget and more without going to a scrum board


Just click on a progress bar to see an overview of the summarized hierarchy from boards, issue view, issue navigator or dashboards.

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Client Testimonials

Henrik Gerdtsson
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"This add-on fills a huge gap in our JIRA today. It will take a lot of work off the Scrum Masters in the Project. The support is first rate."
Vittoria Oliva
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"Fantastic team support and Excellent plugin!!!”
Tim Hubbard
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"This add on solves for us the problem of rolling up time spent and story points from the lowest sub-task up to the Epic level."
Beth Kelleher
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"Epic Sum Up is a great add-on that really extends users' ability to aggregate status across Epics or use the Container feature to aggregate status across the multiple levels of issues within the Container."
Gary Thompson
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"We really like this plugin, specifically for the issue navigator attached to Epic's. We often use this for adjusting / reviewing time estimates. The view alone justifies the purchase. Generally it does exactly what it needs to do and does it well."
Zhuxin Wang
on Atlassian Marketplace
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"Good stuff big potential, good team big support. We already used Epic Sum Up in our project, and new requirement is how to sync Epic Sum Up "Time spent/ Remaining/ Original estimate" into MS project, finally we met the requirement by using script field to get each value and sync them."

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Epic Sum Up 3.7

A major release. Epic Sum Up 3.7 is now live. A new API joins the toolkit along with major improvements to Containers and a few

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