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Add lean project management functionalities to your Jira and save up to 40% of your time.

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10-minute setup

Start using Epic Sum up in minutes. Thanks to intuitive features blended seamlessly with your Jira, you can onboard on the fly.


Instant reports

Track and visualize all your metrics and budgets. Aggregate, filter, and search issues to fine-tune your roll-up summaries.


100% time well spent

Create issues in list view with a single click. Edit and copy-paste anything inline. Break free of Jira’s bulk-editing limitations.

Cut to the chase

Condense the most complex projects into intuitive summaries.

Improve efficiency without adding complexity

Tired of clicking in and out of Jira issues to find out what’s going on?
Discover how Epic Sum Up’s intuitive functionalities save you time in real life.

Explore how Adacel increased productivity with Epic Sum Up

With the streamlined reporting and easier data extraction, we were able to save approximately two days per week for each team.